What we are about

In order to spread our impact to the community, we have gone out and explored the kit building process with people from the ages of 6 years to 73 years old. We wanted to make sure we had it right so we taught roughly 100 people and learned each time. Find below some of our previous workshops that we have done in Michigan and in Nicaragua.

Location: Grand Valley State University Meijer Campus

Participants: 22

Solar Panels made: 23

Watts introduced: 122.6 W

Cell Type: Schott Solar Cells

Sponsor: DeWys Manufacturing

Local Solar Panel Workshop

This was the first workshop and we learned a few things ourselves. We tried to plan for every possible alteration, but the only way to truly test our idea was to do it. We have now  redesigned our assembly process, upgraded the solar frame, and modularized the power accessories.

GVSU Social Product Innovation Workshop

We brought our workshop to the Honors Students at Grand Valley State University and had a enlightening time. Through this  smaller workshop, we polished up the way we interact  with each participant and fixed some thermal issues with the frame. Questions were asked and solutions were determined through group investigation.

Location: Grand Valley State University Allendale Campus

Participants: 16

Solar Panels made: 20

Watts introduced: 106.6 W

Cell Type: Laser Cut Schott Solar Cells

Sponsor: GVSU Honor College

Location: The Roost in Holland, Michigan

Participants: 6

Solar Panels made: 6

Watts introduced: 32.0 W

Cell Type: Laser Cut Schott Solar Cells

Sponsor: UNAN University

Workshop up in the Roost

Honored with the visitation from the delicates of Nicaragua, we got together and shared our cultures over the creation of 6 solar panels. The director of engineering shared with us his wish to bring this opportunity to Nicaragua. Speaking  different languages and coming from different countries we learned we can alway grow and change for the better.

Solar Panel Workshop in Nicaragua

Traveling internationally,  we hosted a workshop at the countries most prestigious University upon the request of the director of engineering. This was a spectacular opportunity for us and the University. We thank the professors whom we taught for carrying on our mission in Nicaragua.

Location: UNAN in Managua, Nicaragua

Participants: 30

Solar Panels made: 22

Watts introduced: 117.3 W

Cell Type: Laser Cut Schott Solar Cells

Sponsor: Applied Global Innovation Initiative

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