99% of teachers report their students are more engaged in learning and retain knowledge longer as a result of their hands-on experience.
Our students experienced a 76% increase in their sustainable energy practices after going through our curriculum.

The Makers

Students have a driving curiosity for the unknown and we want to expose them to sustainable practices

incorporated into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We can teach and explain,

but after hands-on experiences, positive daily changes can last a lifetime.

The Future Is


It Begins With Education

87students have made a solar panel through our educational kit.


An informed child is a practicing adult.

Vandergen has created a solar panel building kit designed to excite, empower, inspire, and teach students about the tangibility and importance of conserving energy. Vandergen partners with schools to teach students the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based education as it applies to renewable energy through the hands-on learning experience of creating a solar panel.  Students will discover all the at-home uses and applications their personal solar panel has and what even the smallest energy conservation techniques means for saving the world. We have to enable our next generation so they can learn from our mistakes.

For more information, give us a knock. We are excited

to share what we know so others can grow.

Why Are We here?

With the rising demand for jobs in the areas of STEM, parents are seeking supplementary education for their kids to give them the greatest advantage for the future. Schools are promoting a STEM-based curriculum, but lack the vision and are putting the implementation on the teachers. Other organizations have recognized the need for hands-on learning, but our system has the valuable context of sustainable energy. We make it simple and fun for teachers, parents, and schools to be a catalyst for their students passion in STEM.

"The smile and spark of creativity is what makes all of this worth it."

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